About Me

Elegance is simplicity on the far side of complexity - Matthew May

My gift is in seeing the next big technology-driven waves and designing and developing elegant products and services to dramatically leverage those opportunities.

Empowered Digital Advertising: OneDegree

Can you see the real me? - The Who

2013:  A deceptively simple question I was asked - "Why doesn't the internet know me?" - led me to reconceptualize what advertising and customer communication means in the Digital Age. I created OneDegree to use trusted recommendations to connect people with content, products, and services you're guaranteed to love.

Social Networking: Aviri

I get by with a little help from my friends - The Beatles

In 1999 I had a realization: a lot of how we get things done happens via our network of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Why wasn't there some way to leverage this through technology? Founded with Bijoy Goswami in April 2000, Aviri pioneered Social Networking on the web through scaling trusted relationships.

Media & Audience: Honk

If you know something important, the way to get power is by sharing it. - Joseph Badaracco

In 2008, media properties such as WSJ.com were looking to aggregate in-market automotive audiences more directly. I cofounded Honk.com to winnow out purchase intent in a way static content couldn't. We based our recommendation engine on users' specific demographic and behavioral cues, driving purchase decisions via proprietary data and reviews from millions of car owners nationwide.

Big Data / Analytics: Mota

Power is not revealed by striking hard or often, but by striking true - Balzac

Mota allowed used car sellers to easily sell their vehicles at the best price. In 2005 they needed an accurate way to predict the sales price for vehicles online, so I created their Market Intelligence Tool - a Big Data system to collect and analyze over 600,000+ online transactions, able to predict online car sales prices to within 5%.

Crowdsourcing: Chooser

None of us is as smart as all of us - Ken Blanchard

Photo and media sharing websites have degenerated into slideshow drudgery as cheap bandwidth and storage allows everyone to upload content indiscriminately. In 2008 I created Chooser by applying crowdsourcing techniques to automatically present the cream of the crop in a fun, engaging style that keeps media collections fresh and relevant.

Awards / Education

  • 2007 DEMO Conference DEMOgod Award Winner - Panjea
  • 2007 MIT Technology Review Young Innovators Under 35 Nominee
  • 1995 Combined MIT Media Lab MS/BS Computer Science, 4 years